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Hello and thanks so much for visiting Karma in the Kitchen. I hope my posts spark an interest or motivates you to make a healthy change. Happy reading and healthy cooking 🙂


I wasn’t always into healthy eating, I simply wasn’t raised that way. I grew up on processed foods and my mom’s home baked bread, cookies and donuts. So, needless to say, when I had a family of my own I fed them how I was fed as a kid. Kraft dinner and weiners were our go to on lazy days but the thought of that now makes me cringe…lol

My husband of 10 years left me and I was now a single mom of two young girls. Eating healthy wasn’t an option for our low income family. Cheap processed foods were our staple for many years but not knowing any better I still believed that if I had food on the table, regardless of what it was, I was doing right by my kids.

I made the move, kids and all, to a small town in Alberta about 3 hours west from where we were living. I wanted a fresh start, new job, new friends and new beginnings. I worked a few jobs before I was fortunate enough to start work at this small organic health food store. I didn’t know anything about the natural health/organic industry but once I had my foot in the door it sparked a passion in me like nothing before.

I became very close to the manager of the store and considered her not only my best friend but a mentor, someone I looked up to and learned from. Her knowledge regarding anything in the industry was incredible and she didn’t hesitate to share that knowledge with anyone who wanted to learn. My love for cooking healthy and passion for natural health care is because of this wonderful woman, Karmeyn. Sadly, she passed away last year from cancer but she left a legacy behind, a passion in me that will never die and will continue to grow.

(my beautiful friend Karmeyn with the wheatgrass she grew)


I am now re-married,  my girls are older and have lives of their own and I have a 12-year-old son at home. He was diagnosed with Severe ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and borderline Autistic. My love for healthy cooking became even more important as I have seen firsthand how unhealthy foods can affect us. My son has shown negative changes in his behavior after eating foods he wouldn’t normally get at home. Food dyes, sugar and processed foods tend to make him more wired, scattered, unfocused and unpredictable. With a healthy diet, foods that nourish his brain and body, he is doing extremely well!!


Before I started working in the natural health industry I knew no different. I didn’t know any better than what I was taught and mostly everyone in my circle were on the same page, so I wasn’t exposed to anything different. I am so thankful for Karmeyn and what I learned from her and  I want to do the same for others. Those who don’t know that there are healthier options that taste just as good if not better and don’t know where to start in making that change. It changed my life for the better having that knowledge and someone to lead me in the right direction. Maybe I can be that someone for others.



The purpose of my website is to hopefully provide healthier options that some may not have known were available, healthy recipes and topics that people can relate to. I’d like to be that someone that those online can go to for a chat over a coffee or just a friendly hello, how are you today?

If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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